Welcome to Brightstar109. Here you will find unique, handcrafted jewellery, inspired by the beautiful, wild scenery of Cumbria and the British Isles. We use only the best in materials and we hand finish all of our chains to match the pendants hand made, in our own studio, just outside of the English Lake District.

About our Name.

Originally we wanted to chose a name that sparkled. We love the night sky and the stars and as our main designer is a Virgo, we wanted to use a star from that constellation as our business name. We chose the stars at the lady's feet, simply numbered Vir 109. As they are still relatively bright stars, well, it wrote itself! Another interesting fact is that in numerology 109 is a very auspicious number, being a number of new starts and enterprises! The other thing about Virgo is that she doesn't really represent any particular goddess, she could be Athena, or Ostara, she is a universal goddess, with all the womanly attributes, and we kind of liked that too!

About our Studio

The Brightstar109 studio is located in a small historic town on the outskirts of the English Lake District, in the Furness Peninsulars. We have been manufacturing and designing jewellery to sell for six years and in that time have developed the distinctive style we have today. Working mainly in silver and gold we use the natural colours of the metals to portray the landscape around us and its changing colours. We use only genuine, quality gemstones to enhance our designs and our larger pieces carry a British Hallmark which includes a fineness mark, a date stamp and our own unique maker's mark.